Holy crap, you guys

Hello there and welcome to my hot mess! I’m in the market for anyone who is a pro at making professional looking wordpress themes, hah!

That aside, I’m glad you’re here in my little space. I’m writing a novel, you see, and it’s a beast. I’m far along enough now where it’s time to get serious about how to proceed next. I dream to be published by a “major publishing house” (or whatever), to just have that moment where they say “Heck yeah we want to publish this, here’s some money and a contract, sit back and we’ll do the rest!”

I’m going to give that a shot, I really am. I’ll tidy this thing up and get a super dope query letter out to a bunch of agents and maybe that dream will happen!

Spoiler alert: I’m impatient

I’m not waiting 3-4 years to make this happen. I remember telling myself when I was younger that my goal was to publish a book by the time I was thirty and wow procrastination sucks. I’m 30 in March. Maybe I should aim for just finishing the book by then, eh?

It’s a good book, but I know it’s a crapshoot trying to get published the “traditional way”. So self-publishing is looking more and more like a do-able option, but my biggest obstacle is time. I just DON’T HAVE ANY. Oh and I also lack patience. But you got the gist of that already.

Whatever route I take, we’re going to take together! That’s the point of this blog. To learn about this process, to lament our failures and celebrate our successes together, and my favorite part:


More on that later.

Thanks for reading, everyone. You can call me AJ!

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